Top Things to DO in Atlanta for Couples

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things to do in Atlanta for couples

Welcome to the vibrant city of Atlanta, where there’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Atlanta for couples. Whether planning a romantic getaway or simply looking for fun ways to spend time together, Atlanta offers diverse activities catering to every taste and interest. From serene nature walks and historic tours to thrilling entertainment and culinary adventures, this guide to 30 things to do in Atlanta for couples will help you create unforgettable memories with your partner. Discover the heart and soul of Georgia through its cultural landmarks, lush parks, and dynamic neighborhoods, each promising unique experiences and romantic moments.

30 Most Exciting Things To Do in Atlanta for Couples

Atlanta is an exciting city for adventurous couples who want thrills in their Atlanta trips. Here are more fun things to do and places to go with your partner in Atlanta.

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden 

One of the most romantic things couples can do in Atlanta is visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Located in the heart of Atlanta, this vibrant area offers a mesmerizing view of flowers. That is why it is one of the top picks for things to do in Atlanta, GA, for couples. Whether walking hand in hand through the orchid house or enjoying the concert on the great lawn, the garden sets a perfect mood for couples. There is always something new for everything, making it a must-visit place.

2. The Georgia Aquarium

Exploring the Georgia Aquarium is a captivating experience for couples in Atlanta. As one of the largest aquariums in the Western Hemisphere, it offers an up-close look at exotic marine life and interactive shows that add to the fun things to do in Atlanta GA for couples. Walking through the Ocean Voyager tunnel with thousands of marine species overhead isn’t just entertaining. It’s utterly romantic. The aquarium also hosts evening events, making it a fantastic option for couples to do in Atlanta at night, combining adventure with intimate moments under the sea.

3. Piedmont Park 

Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s answer to an urban retreat and offers many free things to do in Atlanta. It’s a perfect spot for couples to unwind or engage in leisure activities like biking or picnicking by Lake Clara Meer. During weekends, the park is vibrant with festivals and markets, making it ideal for couples looking for things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples. Its expansive green space is perfect for a romantic stroll or simply soaking in the city’s natural beauty together.

5. High Measume of Art

For Cultural lover couple lovers, The high museum of Art presents a refined selection of things to do in Atlanta for black couples. This museum’s striking architecture is filled with expensive galleries. It showcases a variety range of art, from modern to traditional. Very often, special events add a touch of glamour, making it a sophisticated venue for couples. This is the place where art and romance blend. 

6. The Belt Line

Active couples will love the refurbished Atlanta BeltLine. Encapsulating the spirit of fun things to do in Atlanta for couples, a stroll or bike ride along this urban regeneration offers picturesque views, lively street art, and access to contemporary cafes. You may explore the city’s cultural fabric together by taking a stroll along the route, which connects several areas. The BeltLine’s regular pop-up shows and art pieces keep the experience fresh and fascinating.

7. The Fox Theatre

Take in the splendor of the historic Fox Theatre for an elegant and dramatic evening. One of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta is to see a Broadway performance. The magnificent Moorish architecture and starry ceiling make for a beautiful setting here. Whether a classic play or a modern musical, the theatre offers a splendid escape to another world, making it a perfect date night activity for couples seeking enchantment and culture.

8. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park

Visiting Martin Luther King Jr.’s national side is a profound educational journey and one of the most free things to do in Atlanta. Couples can explore Dr.King’s childhood home. It is a place for reflection and connection, providing a meaningful experience of love and unity.

9. Atlanta History Centre

Explore Atlanta’s rich history at the sprawling, multi-acre Atlanta History Center, which features historic homes and gardens dating back centuries. It is a fascinating choice for couples who enjoy history and narrative things to do in Atlanta, Georgia. The center offers an exciting and educational historical tapestry with exhibits ranging from Civil War relics to Southern folklore. 

10. Ponce City Market 

Ponce City Market is a lively marketplace housed in antique mill buildings that combine history and modernity. This is the perfect place for couples to shop for exclusive products or indulge in specialty meals. The rooftop area is a fun thing to do in Atlanta on weekends because it offers a playful haven complete with carnival games and miniature golf. It is a lively location for a date, whether you are getting a bite from the various food vendors or sipping a handmade cocktail while taking in the skyline. 

11. Chateau Elan Winery

The Chateau Elan Winery provides a romantic getaway for couples just outside of Atlanta. To learn about viticulture, join wine-tasting events or take a guided tour of the vineyards.

This serene setting is perfect for a day trip and ranks high on the list of romantic things to do near Atlanta. The winery also features a spa and a golf course, providing a luxurious and relaxing experience. It’s an ideal getaway for couples looking to indulge in the finer things and enjoy uninterrupted time together.

12. Atlanta Movie Tours

Atlanta movie tours present a fun and exciting way to explore the city’s unique filming locations. This tour is delightful for couples who appreciate the magic of cinema and television. As it is one of the fun things to do in Atlanta for adults, you can experience the behind-the-scenes of movies and shows filmed in the area. Overall, this Atlanta movie tour makes your journey in Atlanta more fascinating.

13. Candlelight Concert in Atlanta

You can enjoy yourself in an intimate place like this. It features live music concerts in stunning, unique venues across Atlanta, lit by the soft glow of Atlanta. Attending these concerts is one of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta for couples. It offers a serene and exciting experience filled with beautiful music nights. It is an ideal setting for celebrating an anniversary or a special moment together.

14. Hike Stone Mountain

Hike Stone Mountain offers intense physical activity and breathtaking views from the summit for the adventurous couple. This natural landmark provides many trails that suit all fitness levels. The park features 15 miles of hiking and walking trails. The top’s panoramic view of the Atlanta skyline is breathtaking and worth the hike. It is a rewarding experience that also offers carvings and a picturesque lake. 

15. Farnbank of Naturall History

Step into the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of nature. It is a hub for interactive and engaging science activities that spark curiosity and wonder. It is an ideal destination for couples who crave discovery and adventure. Beyond the daytime exhibits, Fernbank offers exclusive adults-only evenings. These special events feature live music and cocktails under the stars, adding a touch of romance and uniqueness to your night out in Atlanta. Whether you are exploring ancient fossils or enjoying a lively evening event, the museum blends education with entertainment seamlessly. This combination makes visiting the Fernbank Museum a memorable and enriching experience for couples looking for something different to do in Atlanta.

16. Cooking Classes

Taking cooking classes can add some flavor to your relationship. Many culinary studios offer sessions where the couple can learn how to prepare delicious dishes. It is a delightful and engaging thing to do in Atlanta for couples, and it is ideal for those who want to experiment in the kitchen or learn together. These culinary sessions can bring the couples closer to each other. Moreover, you get a delicious and romantic meal for your efforts.

17. Comedy Clubs

You can go to a comedy club in Atlanta for an evening of laughter and joy. Sharing a night of humor is a beautiful way to lighten up and add a spark of fun to your relationship, making it a top choice for couples seeking enjoyable activities in the city. Whether it’s a local stand-up act or a renowned comedian on stage, the vibrant comedy scene in Atlanta guarantees a memorable date night. Enjoy the lively atmosphere as you and your partner laugh together, creating unforgettable moments perfect for any couple looking to have a delightful time.

You can go to any comedy club in Atlanta with your partner and share laughs and happiness. Enjoying a live comedy show is a great way to lighten up and have fun, making it a choice for fun things to do in Atlanta city for couples. Stand-up comedy can make your date night unforgettable because it will with laugh and joy.

18. The Atlanta Opera and Symphony Orchestra

Experience the high arts with your Atlanta Opera or Symphony Orchestra partner. These performances offer a touch of class and culture, making them some of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta. The exquisite music, the splendid settings, and the overall ambiance provide a sophisticated night out, perfect for couples looking to dress up and enjoy an elegant evening together.

19. Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour

With your partner, discover the excitement of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a guided tour perfect for sports fans. It is home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, and this iconic stadium offers a behind-the-scenes look at where significant sports action happens. Go and learn about its impressive architecture and rich sports history, making it a standout experience for couples in Atlanta. Whether you are a football or soccer lover, the stadium tour provides an engaging glimpse into professional sports. It’s a fun and educational outing that adds a unique twist to your Atlanta adventures, especially for couples who love sports.

20. Helicopter Tours

For a spectacular view of Atlanta, consider booking a helicopter tour. This thrilling adventure ranks as one of the most exhilarating activities in the city, offering a breathtaking view of Atlanta’s city lights from above. Ideal for celebrating special occasions or surprising your loved one, a helicopter ride provides a unique and memorable way to experience the city’s beauty. Few experiences can match the luxury and excitement of seeing Atlanta from this spectacular vantage point.

21. Atlanta Street Car Adventure

Take the Atlanta Street Car, which allows you to get on and off at different locations throughout the city and go on an urban journey. This adventure is one of the things to do in Atlanta, GA, for couples who enjoy exploring urban landscapes together. For an exciting day out, it’s an easy and enjoyable way to take in various sights, such as vibrant markets and historical monuments.

22. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Visiting the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is necessary for couples who appreciate the arts. Located in a beautiful historic estate, it offers a variety of workshops and galleries. Engaging in a pottery or painting class here is among the most romantic things to do in Atlanta. It allows couples to create art together in a picturesque setting.

23. Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station provides an excellent mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment, perfect for a lively date. This area is bustling with activities, from movie theaters to art displays, ranking high among fun things to do in Atlanta city for couples. The open-air concerts and seasonal events make it an excellent choice for things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples.

24. Historic Oakland Cemetery

Historic Oakland Cemetery is Atlanta’s oldest park. It is not just a resting place. The Historic Oakland Cemetery offers guided tours that reveal the rich history of Atlanta, making it one of the unique free things to do in Atlanta. It is a peaceful place to walk and reflect, offering a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Couples interested in history and beautiful landscapes will find this particularly appealing.

25. Sweet Auburn Curb Market

For food-loving couples, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market presents a vibrant culinary scene. It is a top pick for things to do in Atlanta GA for couples who delight in tasting various local and international foods. From fresh produce to gourmet meals, the market is a feast for the senses and a fun way to spend a day.

26. The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

With your partner, you can enjoy a night of live theater at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse, where you can watch classic plays in a unique, intimate setting. This venue is perfect for things to do in Atlanta for couples at night because it offers a mix of drama and dining that can make any evening unique and memorable.

27. Atlanta Balloon Ride

Take to the skies with an Atlanta balloon ride, an exhilarating experience for those seeking adventure. Floating above the city as the sun rises is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta for couples. It provides breathtaking views and a sense of freedom that’s hard to find elsewhere.

28. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Trail

Visiting Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is a refreshing outdoor activity for couples who enjoy nature. This lesser-known gem is perfect for free things to do in Atlanta. It offers beautiful trails, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. It is a tranquil spot for a romantic walk or a quiet picnic. So it is a must-visit place for couples.

29. Jimmy Carter Library and Museum

Exploring the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is educational and inspiring, making it an excellent addition to things to do in Atlanta for couples. This museum provides valuable insights into the life and work of President Carter, offering a meaningful experience for those interested in American history and politics. It is an excellent way for couples to connect over shared interests while learning more about the country’s past.

30. Westside Provisions District

The Westside Provisions District offers a blend of excellent dining options and boutique shopping. It is a trendy destination for things to do in Atlanta GA for couples. Architectural charm and upscale shops provide a stylish setting for a day of exploration and indulgence. It is perfect for those who enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere. This district is ideal for a chic and enjoyable outing.


As you can see, Atlanta is filled with unique and exciting things to do for couples. Whether you have spent your day exploring art galleries, enjoying gourmet meals, or simply taking in the city’s scenic views, each activity will improve your connection and leave you with lasting memories. As your adventure in Atlanta draws closer, remember that each visit here can offer discoveries and experiences. So, the next time you look for the perfect blend of romance and excitement, look no further than the exciting city of Atlanta. Keep these 30 things to do in Atlanta for couples as your guide tips, which will be handy for future visits to ensure each trip is as enchanting as the city.

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