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This is a chilling account of real events. An authentic Airbnb listing has been abruptly suspended, leading to the removal of 56 listings and the cancellation of over 90 bookings.

The owner was caught off guard, discovering that his short-term rental (STR) venture was suddenly losing money upon logging into his Airbnb account, with no immediate recourse available.

The narrative came to light in a Facebook group, where the host sought support from our community following his unexpected removal from Airbnb, lacking any rationale or forewarning.

Airbnb instructed all current guests at the host’s properties to evacuate immediately, even during the night, offering up to $325 nightly for alternative lodgings. Despite the host’s urgent attempts to understand the situation, Airbnb remained unresponsive.

Eventually, Airbnb resolved to indefinitely ban the host’s account after much bewildering communication. As of a few weeks ago, the reasons behind this decision remain unclear. A possible trigger for this drastic action could be a guest’s complaint about the presence of an Amazon Ring camera at the location, potentially exploiting this for a complimentary stay. It seems scammers on Airbnb are becoming increasingly cunning in 2024.
Stay alert, Bill

Airbnb prioritizes guest satisfaction, leading to the swift deactivation of the host’s account without hesitation.

This serves as a cautionary tale about safeguarding one’s source of income.

The host from our Facebook community’s ordeal serves as a warning that such an incident could happen to anyone.

Although the host has yet to fully recover from the financial setback caused by Airbnb, our team has equipped him with a robust strategy for direct bookings.

This includes a website for direct bookings immune to Airbnb’s interference, alongside marketing assets, and a variety of engaging social media and email templates. With our assistance, he is making strides towards recovery, despite the severe challenges posed by the dominant online travel agency (OTA).

So, the crucial question for you is – will you wait for this to happen to you too?


Don’t leave your short-term rental business vulnerable; ensure it has the best chance to thrive and expand.

Reach out to my team for a complimentary listing on ibidbnb.com

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Avoid becoming Airbnb’s next casualty.


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